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Leo was a Siberian Samoyed. He came to stay with us in January 1997 aged 71/2 weeks. He lived up to the breed description of a Samoyed as “truly the laughing cavalier of the dog world” . Like all the northern sled dog breeds he had a stubborn streak but he was probably the worlds friendliest, happiest and noisiest dog.

When he was a puppy he knew that our Cavalier, Megan, was the boss and she only had to look at him to stop him in his tracks.  When she died he was devastated and spent days searching the house and garden for her.  When Logan arrived he tolerated the new puppy jumping all over him and chewing his ears! Something which carried on for the rest of has days. Despite supposedly being a hard breed to train he became a Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog, won an obedience competition and was part of an obedience demonstration team.

Leo and Ken developed a special bond and he seemed to have a telepathic sense of when Ken was coming home, starting to make a fuss about 5 minutes before he arrived.

Leo passed away from cancer in January 2008 aged 11. Although he had been slowing down for a while he made so little fuss about his illness that we only realised something was seriously wrong the night before he died.