Home from Home for Your Best Friend

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All our prices are “per day” so your kennel is available for your use all day on your drop off and pick up days.

We have 2 kennel buildings. Our new kennel building, opened in October 2012. Every kennel has a heated sleeping area and a secure, covered outside run measuring 2.5 by 1.5m. During the day dogs can move freely between sleeping area and run via hatch which is closed at night.

Our original kennel building. Completely renovated in late 2011 with new partitions, lighting and heating. Each kennel has a separate run and sleeping area.  This building is a little smaller and quieter than the new building and we find that many of our smaller and older guests prefer it.

Prices include all meals, bedding, etc. If your dog likes to use his/her own bed or has a favourite blanket then you are welcome to bring this along with a favourite toy. We provide either locally produced hypoallergenic dry food or traditional tinned food. If your dog has specific dietary preferences then you are welcome to provide your dogs food.

Please note that no matter which kennel your dog chooses they will receive the same standard of care and attention.

Single dog per day


Two dogs sharing


Three dogs sharing