Home from Home for Your Best Friend

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Smudge suddenly appeared at Fairways not long after we moved in and she has been here ever since.  She was a wild and feral little cat and she hissed at Zak in his outdoor kennel the 1st day she appeared.  She has no collar, labels or tagging devices so we have no idea where she came from but she seemed to have been living rough.  We checked that she did not belong to the previous owners and one of the local farmers says that he rescued her from the side of the road as a kitten.  She now resides in the outhouse or the greenhouse and occasionally has to be evicted from the house. She is responsible for keeping the rodent population in check, a task she carries out with ruthless efficiency.  She is now very tame and has become Zak’s best buddy, but Sam still tries to chase her whenever he can.  I don’t think he is in any danger of catching her!