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Guess whose in trouble again.   Yep me, in trouble again for not doing my blog.  A lot has been going on. I have been very busy taking care of my guests and mum has been giving the kennels a make over.  Looks really nice, she has completely redone the secure zone behind the big kennel block and the small block has been repainted with these weird lines on the walls.  Its kind of abstract but I like it.  She is now revamping the day care kennel.  She says she will put pictures on Facebook, whatever that is, of the new look.  I promise to update you again soon, if I don’t mum said she will throw my toys away…..life’s tough.


I am sad to say that my little brother Sam passed away last month.  He was very annoying but I did like him…really I did…honest.  The kennels were very busy over the Christmas period and I had lots of guests to take care of.  I’m glad its been a bit quieter the last few weeks as I am exhausted, its not easy being a host you know.  I will be ready for all my friends coming in for Easter though, can’t wait….the Easter Bunny is on the way (not that I ever get any chocolate…..just not fair).


Its been a busy year but happy to report that all is going well.  We have had lots of old friends to stay and lots of new ones.  Mom has increased my pay to 3 biscuits a day so very happy.  My little brother hasn’t been very well just lately so I am a bit worried about him but mum says he is getting to be an old boy.  I’m supposed to be nice to him but I find it really hard….he is so annoying.


No I haven't run away but as usual I am in trouble for not doing my blog.  I've been avoiding it as I have some sad news.  Two of our older guests passed away this year.  

Bandit passed away suddenly at home in January.  He was a very gentle Black Labrador that loved kisses and cuddles and was always a happy boy.  He loved exploring the fields and playing under the trees.

Ripley passed away in February.  He was a lovely Golden Retriever that we nicknamed 'Monkey Face'.  He had a lot of allergies but he didn't let it stop him.  He loved life and could always be found in the kennel kitchen searching for food.  Mum never had to sweep the floor when Ripley was around.

We shall all miss Bandit and Ripley and can only say how sorry we are for their loss.  They may be gone but will never be forgotten.

On a happier note the kennels have been very busy and we have had a lot of friends to stay.  Mum is working on getting the last three kennels built and hopefully will get the go ahead soon. We have lots of friends in for Easter.  Mum says we are not allowed Chocolate Easter Eggs but that my brother and I might get a special treat if we are good until Sunday.  Well Sam is such a goodie goodie he will get his but I'm not sure I will be able to behave that long.

I'm off to do my sad, nobody loves me look to mum and dad.  If I do it often enough before Easter I might get my treat. Always worth a try!!


No I haven't run away I have just been very busy taking care of all my guests over the summer.  It was great to see some of my old friends but I made lots of new ones too.  I have two new girl friends, yes I know I'm supposed to be faithful to only one but I just can't help myself.  I'm a bit upset as mum is going on holiday soon and not taking me, mind you she is not taking dad either so I guess that's OK. Helen, mums assistant, says she will take care of me and my little brother Sam while dad is at work. Helen is great, I have her well-trained and she supplies biscuits and tummy rubs on demand.


The kennels is very busy now. Mum  says that is because I am doing a good job taking care of my guests.  I am booking up very quickly for next year so I hope all my friends will book early so I can see them all again.  I'm going to have 3 new kennels put up next year and hopefully get some of the field fenced off.  It would be great to have a nice big play area where I can take my guests for a run.


I have so much to do I had better go get busy before mum gets me into trouble. Mind you I am always in trouble for something so its nothing new.


Hey, its me.  I thought I had better get my blog updated before I get into trouble.  I have been very busy.  My friend Smudge, the cat, hasn't been very well so I have had to take care of her.  She had to have an operation and wear a lamp shade on her head.  Mum and dad said it was rude to laugh but I just couldn't help it.  I knew she was getting better when she slapped me for checking out her food.

I am very excited to tell you that I have a new employee.  Her name is Helen and she started working for me last month.  I think she is great and she was very easy to train.  It only took me two days to train her to rub my tummy when I tell her too.  I'm a bit annoyed though because mum keeps stealing her to help in the kennels.  Mum says that Helen is here to help keep our guests happy and healthy during their holidays and not to spend the day pampering me.  I spend all that time training Helen and what happens...mum steals her.  Teach me to be such a good People Whisperer!!


I am very sorry to have to tell you that my new friend Thumper passed away during the night last night.  He was sitting up eating a carrot when we went to bed but by this morning he had gone to bunny heaven. We had booked an appointment for him to go and see the vet this morning because his sore ears had stopped healing. I hope I can find the guy who attacked him.......

I guess it is back to chasing his wild cousins in the field for me!


Hey, it's been very exciting here and I just had to write and tell you.  I have had a very unusual guest....a rabbit, yes a big black and white rabbit. We found him near our road end. Mum checked with the people who live close to us in case he had escaped from somewhere but nobody knew him so we think somebody must have abandoned him.  It makes me angry to think that someone had just left him there unable to defend himself.  (If I ever find out who dumped him I am going to bite them and then pee on their leg).  I like him and he didn't even try to bite me.  Mum called him Thumper as the only protest he made was stamping his feet.  He had been attacked by something as his ears were sore and swollen.  I have been nursing him back to health, with mum and my friend Shona's help.  He is getting better now.  It's been fun having Thumper to stay but mum says he is going to a new home soon.  I'll miss him but he needs his own family.

I better go get my chores done, I'll write soon.


Guess what?  I'm in trouble again for not keeping my blog updated.  Do I care....NO....it was my birthday yesterday and they all forgot (just like last year!).  I got an extra biscuit today but that doesn't help, I think I will sulk for a while.  The only thing keeping me going is the fact it snowed last night...there is a god.

Christmas and New Year was very busy with lots of friends staying.  Mum had a nice lady called Francesca helping her.  Mum said she was a great help, all I know is she was very good at rubbing my belly?

My little brother Sam had to have an operation on his head last week to remove a couple of lumps.  He came home with a bald head and stitches.  I tried not to laugh but he looked like Frankenstein gone wrong.  I'm glad he is OK but I still think he looks goofy.

I'm off to sulk for a while, if I look sad enough they will give me another biscuit.


Dad says it is -8 outside.  No idea what he is talking about but it feels pretty good to me.  All the guests who are not a roughty toughty as me are tucked up nice and cosy under their heat lamps with the outside hatches shut - wimps!


Off to help dad build an ark in case the rain doesn’t stop!


Well, I haven’t done this for a while.  Note to self, must do better in 2013! The new kennel building opened in October, at the beginning of the school holidays and it poured with rain so it got a good test. Lots of new friends came to stay and they all said very nice things about the new facilities. Pity I’m not allowed to stay there!

After it had been open for a while mum and dad decided that they needed a holiday for the 1st time in over a year and Sam and I were sent to stay with Keith at The Boarding Kennels – not impressed with that, why couldn’t we just stay in our own kennel?

Now it is nearly Christmas and we will be full again, no resting in front of the telly for me, but it will be great fun.  I had better go check that Sam has bought me a present. Merry Christmas to all my friends!


See, told you i could dig good holes! Now, where did I leave those drainage pipes?


There have been lots more big machines here and more men are coming soon to lay concrete foundations for the new buildings.  Dad says if I don’t behave he will arrange a new pair of concrete boots for me. I think I might hurt my teeth if I try to chew them!


I'm sorry I haven't written for a while.  I have so much to supervise I just haven't had the time but mum and dad are getting grumpy with me for not keeping you updated.


There have been some nice men here with a big machine digging a big hole for the new kennels.  I am good at digging holes but they wouldn't let me help....not impressed.  Mum says that the big hole is where the foundation for the kennel is going, whatever a foundation is?  There have been a few issues to sort out with the new kennels and cattery but mum  says we are moving forward and all should be fine for the kennels to be open for the October holidays.


My granny and grandpa are coming to visit from Canada next month.  My grandpa is going to help mum  build the kennel kitchen.  I'm looking forward to them coming.  I've been practicing my sad puppy dog eyes as I know they are a soft touch and plan to get all the treats I can.  


Right, I'm off.  Mum has a quiet day in the kennels today so she is repainting some of them.  I better go help and make sure she is doing it right.


What a racket! Lots of big machines demolishing the old buildings and getting ready to build the new kennel.  I am going off the idea, how is a guy supposed to get an afternoon nap? They say they will be finished tomorrow.  They had better be or there is going to be trouble.........


Phew! Now that the little people have started their holidays it is flat oot around here. Thank goodness the weather is still good with lots of fog and rain and none of that sunshine that we occasionally get at this time of year!  Lots of new and old friends staying so i am having to keep them updated on all the news and gossip.  The best news is that we got planning permission for the new kennels and cattery today.  So very soon we will have lots more friends coming.  Not sure about the cat bit, but i will try to be nice to them!


After all that bad weather when it was hot and sunny things are now back to normal and the rain is keeping me cool. We have been really busy with preparations for building the new kennel block. Nearly all the old sheds and buildings have gone and the quotes are coming in for all the work which needs to be done. I have also been very busy with lots for friends coming to stay again. The kennel is full most of the time now, and it looks like I am going to be extremely busy when the little people have their holidays. I hope the sun doesn’t shine as well!

Mum has gone to the groomers today (I think she calls it the hairdressers but we know what she means) and she has left dad in charge.  I am worried I will have to keep him right or he will be in trouble when she gets back!


It is all go around here! Dad came back from running the London Marathon a few weeks ago.  He hobbled around and was grumpy for a few days but he got over it. We are now getting the site cleared for the new kennel and we have had more bonfires. All the old kennels and cattery which we have not been using have now gone and mum says we are just waiting for the council to give us permission now.  What's it got to do with them? I thought I was in charge around here!


It's been snowing again and I am very pleased.  I love this cold weather.  Mum isn't very happy about the snow, hail and rain we have been having.  She says it is horrible but I love it.  She has applied for planning permission for the new kennels so I am hoping it wont take too long before the new kennels are built and I can have more friends to stay.  


The cat has been driving me crazy, she keeps bringing mum baby bunnies and mice.  She never brings me anything and I am supposed to be her friend


I am also very sad....I heard that Molly, one of my friends who came to stay a couple of times, became very ill and passed away last week.  I hope her family aren't too sad and remember the good times.  I still miss my little brother Logan so I know how sad Molly's family will be.  


I'm a very happy boy.  Mum says that it is Easter on Sunday and the Easter Bunny will be bringing me an egg, but only if I am a good boy.  I guess I better stop chasing the rabbits until Sunday because one of them might be the Easter Bunny and I don't want to miss out on my egg.


The best thing is its SNOWING.  I hate that warm sunny weather, it just makes me hot and I have to hide in the shade a lot.  Needless to say I definitely prefer winter.  I had a snowball fight with mum this morning.  She hit me in the face with a snowball so I ate it.  That'll teach it.  My brother Sam went out for a walk and came back looking like a snowball.  I'd eat him too if I could get away with it.


I have lots of guests in just now so I'm very busy keeping them all entertained.  Not all of my guests like the snow as much as me... I don't know what's wrong with them, cold is good.


No updates on the new kennel at the moment but hopefully I will have something for you soon.


I'm off to roll in the snow and eat some more snowballs.    


Well, I'm in trouble again....not that that is anything new...for not updating my blog.  My people just don't understand that I have a lot to do.  I have to take care of all our guests, chase the cat (even though I like her), inspect my land, dig holes, raid the bin, harass the postman and keep Sam under control.  So much to do and so little time.


Mum has built a new run in the garden so our guests can go out and play in a safe area off the lead.  Eventually she wants to have the whole field enclosed but this is a good start and I do get jealous when our guests are out playing and I'm stuck in the house.  I don't get to use it until our guests have gone to bed....life just isn't fair.


The plans for the new kennels are moving forward and I will update you once I know more.


It was my birthday this week and everybody forgot! I am now 4 in people years. Seeing as they all forgot, even Sam, I decided to sulk and go and live in the outhouse with the cat, cause she’s my only friend now. Logan wouldn’t have forgotten my birthday!

Hmmmm! How does the cat get through this hole, Huh?


I'm sorry I haven't written for a while.  My little brother, Logan, hasn't been very well and I had to help take care of him.  He got worse over the weekend and I am very sad to say he went to doggy heaven today.  My other brother Sam and I will miss him as he was the boss and made sure we did what we were told. He was a grumpy old guy and I still have a lump on my ear where he bit me when I was a boisterous puppy but grew bigger than him, but I was quite fond of him.  Only last week he chased the cat down the drive, which was his favourite way to get exercise, I have promised to carry on the tradition.


On the brighter side of life, we have the architect coming to give us advice and help plan the building of 10 new kennels.  Mum says they will be brilliant and will have both indoor and outdoor runs.  I like the idea of that...I wonder if she will build me one like that?  I'll let you know what the plans are once we have met with the architect.  I hope he gets the hang of who is in charge here now and listens to me!


Happy New Year to all our friends, new and old! We had great fun over the holidays with so many new friends coming to stay. It was non stop so I have had to rest up a bit over the last week to recover. Dad was also very busy refurbishing another 3 kennels for our friends who come to visit during the day but go home at night.  I tried to help him as much as I could but he doesn’t always seem to appreciate my efforts, especially when I try to carry the wood for him.  If only he would give me clear instructions I could drop it in the right place, but I am not a mind reader!  We got finished in the end and he has now gone back to his day job so that I can rest.

The small white cat which came to visit not long after we arrived seems to have become a permanent resident in the outhouse. Mum has tried to find if she belongs to anyone but she doesn't have any tags or anything.  Now that she has stopped hissing at me and scratching my nose if I get close to her we have become good friends and she likes to rub against my legs. Logan still chases her if he sees her, I always said he was a grumpy old man!


ITS ALMOST CHRISTMAS.....Santa will be here soon and I can hardly wait to see what presents I'm getting.  I do hope I get some Turkey too.  We have lots of guests staying with us for Christmas so I have promised mum I will help to make them all feel at home since their families are away for the holidays.  I'm not sharing my Turkey with them though, that is just asking too much.  I'm going to spend the Christmas holidays with my guests and also helping dad.  He is rebuilding three more kennels and I have to supervise to make sure he is doing it right.  I would like to help with the painting but I don't think mum will let me.  I'm going to bed now.....only two sleeps to go before I can open my presents.  Oh, I should say  MERRY CHRISTMAS, I hope Santa is good to you.


More snow! Dad is very happy because there is just enough to let him try out the new snow blower for keeping the drive clear to let the guests get in and out when the weather is bad. Boys and their toys!


Great weather! It is about time it got better.  I took dad for a run round a place he called Kirkhill Forest this afternoon to help him with his training for the London Marathon.  It was cold and white, just the way I like it so I don’t overheat. I only had wait for him a few times so he did OK for a guy with only 2 legs.


I've been so busy entertaining our guests I forgot to write and tell you what's happening.  Tezar was our first guest but I have to say I found him very scary.  He was far too fast for me and he kept rushing past me, I guess that is only to be expected from a Yorkshire Terrier x Jack Russell. Sebastian and Belle are two boxer puppies who where full of fun.  I didn't really have much to do with them as they were quite happy entertaining themselves.  I was very happy when Floss and Archie came to stay, they are Cavalier King Charles like my little brothers.  I like them a lot and hope they come to stay again.  Charlie also came for a few days, he's a Cocker Spaniel, I haven't decided if I like him or not.  He's very bossy and tries to steal my toys, how dare he!! Molly came in for one day, she is going to be coming regularly, I like her.  Mum says we are going to have Dexter to stay during the week while his daddy is working, I'm looking forward to showing him around Fairways.  Christmas is going to be very busy, the kennels are going to be full.  I feel exhausted just thinking about it, I hope I get some Turkey for all the work I am going to have to do.  I do hope our guests don't expect me to buy them all a Christmas present as my pocket money won't cover it.  I'm off to wrap my Christmas presents, I do hope Santa brings me a new bed.


Well mum and dad are finally finished in the kennels.  I have to say I am very pleased as all the supervising I have had to do is exhausting.  The lights and heating are in and the new beds have arrived.  Mum said I couldn't have one because they weren't for me.  Don't tell mum  but I had a sleep in one and found it very comfortable.  The beds are sort of box shaped but are all padded and insulated, no chance of getting cold in one of them.  Mum says we are ready to officially open the kennels so she has decided Wednesday 23rd of November is the day.  I can't wait to have visitors and show them around the place.  Mind you, I'm not going to show them my favourite spot because it's mine.  Sorry gotta go, dad's taking me for a walk.


Hi, it's me again.  Once again I have been very busy.  We spent last weekend with friends and family chopping down trees, I was worried they weren't going to leave any for me to wee on but it's OK. We had a big bonfire and burnt some of the old wood.  It was too scary for me so I just stayed in my kennel.  I was over excited yesterday when mum said we were going surfing.  I thought ...sun, sea, sand, dead things to eat. What more could a dog ask for?  How disappointed was I when I found out we were going to surf the web for new kennel stuff.  However, I was allowed to pick the new beds.  They are waterproof with insulation to keep our guests warm in the winter.  I hope I'm going to get to try them out when they arrive but mum says they are not for me.  We have our licence now so the kennels are almost ready to open, mum thinks the official date will be the 28 November.  The new heaters and lights are going in this week so that is the last big thing to do. I'll update you again soon, I'm off to have my dinner.



I have been very busy since my last blog.  I've been helping mum paint the kennels.  She says that my tail is not a great paint brush but I thought I was doing a great job.  I have to say the kennels are looking brilliant, very bright and clean.  I had a nap in one as all that painting left me exhausted.  I thought it was very comfortable but will be even better when the new beds arrive.  Oh, I had a friend over to stay last week.  She came to spend the day with me cause her mum was working.  Her name is Molly and I think I'm in love....we had lots of fun playing and getting up to mischief.  My little brothers weren’t very impressed with Molly but then Logan is a grumpy old man and Sam doesn't like anyone but mum.  I don't care if they don't like my new girlfriend I think she is beautiful. I think I'll go have a nap and dream of Molly, I'll speak to you again soon.


Well we have been in the new house for a few days now.  I’m exhausted as I’ve been helping mum and dad refurbish the kennels.  Its hard work supervising them and making sure they are doing things correctly.  Dad is finally getting the hang of building walls and I think mum has more paint on her than the walls do.  I had an afternoon snooze in my private kennel today and had a visitor from a local farm.  It was a little white cat, I tried to say hello but it hissed at me....how rude!

I’m going to bed now as I’m awfully tired and I have to make sure mum and dad are up early in the morning as they have a lot more work to do.


I am really exited today because we are all moving to our new home and mum says that we will soon have lots of new friends coming to stay. I’m looking forward to helping mum entertain our new friends although I can’t wait to chase the funny looking dogs with long ears, I think she calls them rabbits.  Silly name for a dog if you ask me!!  My little brothers Logan and Sam are looking forward to the move too.  Sam loves sniffing around and I am hoping that Logan will tire himself out and stop grumping at me... He is definitely turning into a grumpy old man.

Sorry got to go, I think I heard mum in the treat tin, I’ll write again soon.


Hi, My name is Zak and I am a 3 year old Alaskan Malamute. Mum says we are moving to a new house next week.  She says it has lots of land for me to run around on.  She says it has kennels on it, I’m not sure I like the sound of that but she says it will be great.  I better go dig up my old bones and get them packed, I don’t want to leave the important things behind.  I’ll write again soon.